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A new kind of life insurance

The John Hancock Vitality program can help you:

  • Get the protection you need for your family’s financial future
  • Earn rewards for everyday things you do to stay healthy
  • Save on the cost of coverage


Provide for your family’s financial future.


Receive rewards for healthy lifestyle habits.


Stay active and save up to 15% on premiums.


When you buy John Hancock Life Insurance and sign up for the Vitality program, you qualify for:

  • A free FitBit device, or
  • Earn an an Apple Watch for as little as $25
  • Receive numerous other benefits and discounts
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What Actual Customers Have to Say

Tauna Broussard

The offers the Vitality Program makes to reward fitness are awesome, and it makes me strive to get healthy. Very creative incentives offered and I am very pleased and want to say thank you for helping me stay healthy.

Dace Lemieux

I have the vitality life insurance plan. I love it, and it’s nice to get rewards for being active. I have an Apple Watch through this plan and I haven’t had to pay anything on it because of exercise goals I meet. Definitely would recommend John Hancock and the Vitality program.

Willette Gore

I’ve owned a few life insurance policies, but I’ve never had one with benefits like the Vitality program. It’s been a great deal and lots more fun to get rewards rather than only getting bills in the mail from my life insurance company.


What is the John Hancock Vitality Program ?2020-08-18T18:41:50+00:00

The John Hancock Vitality Program is a wellness program that rewards members for their everyday healthy activities; like going for a walk, visiting the doctor for regular checkups and buying healthy food.  John Hancock provides two versions of the program; (1) Vitality GO and, (2) Vitality PLUS.

What is the goal of the Vitality Program ?2020-09-03T15:53:12+00:00

The Vitality Program is designed to help people live longer, healthier lives.  The program rewards members with Vitality Points when they complete healthy activities.  The more Vitality Points a member has, the higher their Vitality Status.

What is the difference between Vitality GO and Vitality PLUS ?2020-09-03T15:53:19+00:00

Vitality GO is a FREE program that rewards members for the everyday healthy decisions they make.  It is included on all John Hancock life insurance policies at no cost and includes select rewards from national retailers like Amazon.com, Fitbit and REI.


Vitality PLUS includes all of the features of Vitality GO plus it gives access to exclusive rewards from Apple, Hotels.com and more.  The Vitality PLUS program can be added to your policy for as little as $2 per month, or in some instances it may be included in the price of your policy.